Male Power Sheer Wonder Thong

Do people use words like provocative, exciting, thrilling, sensual and stimulating when describing what you’re packing below the waist?  Do you want them to?  The Male Power Sheer Wonder Thong can do all of this and make you feel sexy in the process.  Don’t pass up an opportunity to get the right words out about you and your unit.  This male see-thru thong underwear is available in either black or white and adheres to the quality standards of all Male Power products.

Male Power underwear is one of the most innovative, sexy lines we carry. Apollowear offers the best Male Power underwear has to offer including many sexy lines including the new nylon / lycra collection which is a one size fits all colorful collection as well as items from the Male Power underwear sheer wild animal collection. The Male Power thongs feature studs, zipper pouches, and adjustable clip designs. The Male Power underwear sizing is an intermediate size M/L. The Male Power underwear designs are sleek and sexy with many cuts and styles to appeal to everyone.


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