Sapphire Blue Jock

The pouch on Male Power’s Jock is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% lycra for a soft, body-hugging fit that supports your manhood. The contoured, single-ply pouch provides lift while enfolding you in soft, stretchy fabric. The minimalist legstraps are just 3/8-inch wide for a slim, streamlined look. A 1½-inch wide black elastic waistband with Male Power logos and red and white competition stripes top off the design.

For almost thirty years, Male power has been providing adventurous men with erotic and exotic underwear choices to be found nowhere else. Whether you’re looking for a sexy bikini, a “barely there” thong or a classic style in an unusual fabric, Male Power has the answer. With eye-catching appeal that’s created for those special nights when you’re on the prowl or feeling lucky, Male Power designs are also comfortable and practical and can been worn as everyday underwear. There’s underwear, and then there is Male Power.

Male Power Style PAK408


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